This page is ALL about dat FUN. The kinda FUN that we gonna have together, had together & the kind of FUN that only 2 buggaboos like you & i could have!

Here is the (not so short) list I created of things I’d like to do with you:

Go to a Comedy Club, Improv Show or a Comedy Movie

so we can laugh together.

Arts Display - Whether it is a gallery, market or trinket stop /antiques - so we can explore together.

Aquarium - - Go watch the fishes. If there are no aquariums then we can go eat fish n’ chips doe.

Art Museum or Art Gallery

I love art of all kinds! I bet you do to.

Play Some Billiards/pool

I used to be good at pool, I bet we’d make a good doubles team.

Go to Your Nearest Chinatown

I love cultures & general Tsoa’s chicken

Go Dancing - I want to dance until my feet hurt with you.

Meet for a Drink in an Elegant Piano Bar

the kind seen in films. I imagine us dolled up.

Dine in a fancy restaurant

wine, extra utensils the whole 9 yards.

Have a Fondue _ newsflash: i love cheese

Big Night Out - Have an appetizer, entrée, and dessert at 3 different restaurants. I’ve always wanted to do this.

Go Bowling

cuz it’s awesome.

Go see some live music at a small venue - concerts rule!

Take a Pottery Class or any other creative class - Again something I’ve always thought about trying

Play Board Games by a Toasty Fire

this sounds like a perfect relaxing night.

Open a Bottle of Vintage Wine - lucky for me my sister deals wine.

Go to a Basketball Game - I like hoops NBA/college

Go to an Afternoon Baseball Game - not a big fan of baseball but I like going to a stadium and eating hotdogs.

Swimming - at a pool, lake or a river I love water. I could swim for days

Go to the Beach Frisbee, picnic, swim and Play in the Waves ride wave-runners!

Bike Around - Ride a Tandem Bike

Hiking/Walking - just you, me & the great outdoors!

Go Boating - or sailing!

A pirates life for us!

Go to the Park - any park and just hang

Have a Bonfire and Roast Marshmallows - I don’t eat chocolate but I love marshmallows!

Go to a Botanical Garden - flowers/plants can be amazing

Canoe on a Lake - I used to have a kayak.

Fill Your Tank - Drive until it is half gone and then turn around and come back. - road trip!!!

Drive Back Country Roads with no Particular Destination - scenic routes are da best.

Go to the Fair/carnival - i’ll win you a prize and we’ll eat fried dough and ride the Ferris wheel.

Fishing - Whether it is deep sea, stream or fly - fish on!

Check out a Sunset or a Sunrise together

Float Down a Slow River on a Tube with beers in hand.

Get Some Ice Cream!

Go People Watching at an Outdoor Café.I could totally do this for a bit.

Go-Carting, Mini Golf - fun stuff yah know

Horseback Riding - like a rhinestone cowboy

Go for a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride in the snow

Build a Sandcastle and name it Olivieraville

Hot-air Balloon Ride I’m not afraid of heights.

Watch a Classic Movie Outdoors - I love this idea.

Go see a Musical or a Play - arts is fun

Go Paddle Boating -with a boombox

Go to a Karaoke Bar - and sing old skool rap songs ONLY!

Go Roller Skating - indoors!

Go for an Ice Cream or a Root Beer Float - and listen to doo-wop

Swim at the Bottom of a Waterfall

Take a Train Ride - I’ve always enjoyed train rides

Do a Day Trip Somewhere - anywhere!

Go to the Zoo - i haven’t been in a while. I want to see monkees

Scenic Picnic - At the most amazing scenic viewpoint.

Candlelight Picnic - This can be amazing. If you buy some of those tea light candles you make a big circle around you.
Rent a Ferrari and roll slow around town all day. haha

Rock Star - Rent a limo and driver for a couple of hours.

Ice Skate on a Lake, Make Snow Angels, Go Tobogganing
Have a Snowball Fight, Go Snowboarding, Go see a Hockey Game, Go Snowmobiling, Go Snowshoeing + Christmas Light Tour